We’re a Washington State company operating all around Seattle and the
Puget Sound area that has been transforming the way people experience their
living spaces since 2009. With over 30 years of collective expertise, we
specialize in integrating cutting-edge technology solutions into homes, from
mega-mansions to a single room.

Our commitment to innovation and customer relationships is unparalleled.
We prioritize the well-being of our employees and we maintain up-to-date
industrial insurance and liability insurance to ensure a worry-free experience
for our clients. We are properly licensed (HIGHTLE911LR) and bonded as

We offer seamless integration of audio/video, security, home automation,
surveillance, network/WiFi, lighting control, and window coverings, and more
all with a focus on user-friendliness. Our systems are designed to elevate
your living experience and make every moment enjoyable.
Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to redefine modern living
through high-tech solutions.

Nick Nelson is a dedicated professional and the proud owner of
High-Tech Living, a company that started in 2009 with a strong focus
on home automation, audio/video, and security. With a passion for
technology and customer satisfaction, Nick has been in the industry
since 2001, providing top-notch services and building customer

As a sports enthusiast, Nick roots for the Seattle Seahawks, the
Mariners, the Kraken, and eagerly awaits the return of the Sonics.
Married to his beautiful bride, they have two wonderful children
together that he loves very much.

In his free time, Nick enjoys volunteering at the local little league fields
and church, giving back to his community and helping to make it a
great place to live. When he’s not working or volunteering, Nick enjoys
playing guitar, volleyball, hiking, and traveling with his family.
Nick is the ideal professional to help you with all your home
automation, audio/video, and security needs.

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