Operating a business requires sharp attention to detail. Regardless of the industry you’re in; you’re likely managing several tasks and projects at once. When focusing on the value-generating areas of your commercial entity, you don’t have time to concern yourself with the technical aspects. 

High-Tech Living can help you with end-to-end solutions for network cabling, audio/video control, and security on your premises. Read below to learn how our team can bring value to your unique commercial space. 

Office Space

Business owners and employees often spend most of their time in the office. Integrating voice control and automated lighting are two ways to make the space more comfortable. 

An effective network cabling system allows your team to access the internet, share files, make sales calls, and more. A high-tech security system is also essential to protect your assets and company personnel. 

Conference Room / Boardroom 

Conference rooms and boardrooms provide a space for important meetings to take place. When you have a reliable network, you can count on the strong phone and wireless internet connections during your most important conversations. 

Retail Shop

Retail locations must always impress the customer to stand out from the competition. With a customized lighting and sound system, you can create an ambiance your customers want to continue experiencing. A comprehensive security system will also help you protect your inventory while away. 

Restaurant / Bar 

Restaurants and bars can take advantage of automated and surround sound systems to maintain an upbeat and exciting environment for customers. 

Medical / Dental Office 

Medical and dental offices often contain expensive equipment that should be protected 24/7 with an in-depth security system. Adequate surveillance can also protect against unfounded lawsuits. 

Spa / Fitness Facility

Spas and fitness facilities require a certain ambiance to keep patrons relaxed and/or motivated during their visit. You can create different scenes with an automated sound system to suit each activity. 


Warehouses present the opportunity for thieves to steal valuable materials and equipment. With a strong surveillance system, you can deter criminals and maintain peace of mind. 

It is nice to have trusted technicians to handle all your projects when it comes to commercial networking services. Call High-Tech Living today to set up a consultation at (425) 892-3332.

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