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Private voice control is a home automated system that allows you to control various devices and appliances. This convenient integration allows you to turn on the lights, adjust the television volume, and play music in various areas of the house. Like voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, private voice control takes commands from the sound of your voice. 

Voice Control with Josh AI 

High-Tech Living can help you integrate a brand-new private voice control system into your home. We are excited to offer installation services using Josh AI, the industry-leading artificial intelligence technology. A few of the best features provided by these cutting-edge systems are explained below. 

Easy Dialogue 

To use Josh AI, you don’t have to change how you speak. The technology is programmed to understand the real human dialogue. Instead of learning complex commands, you can talk to your new voice assistant like a friend. 


One of the main focuses of Josh AI is privacy. You should always feel comfortable in your own home. Unlike other voice assistants that may collect additional data without your permission, Josh AI never sells your personal information for advertising or any other purpose. You can rest assured that speaking freely in your home is completely safe and private. 

Total Control 

Josh AI features a convenient dashboard integration, allowing you to manage all your devices and controls from one place. The interface is easy to use on any device, from mobile phones to desktops and tablets. The dashboard is also accessible at any time through your voice. 

Private Voice Control Installation 

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