TV Mounting Service

Do you have a TV you want mounted to the wall, above a fireplace, or in your custom cabinets? Let us take care of it for you! We are the Seattle and Puget Sound area TV installation experts! We will make sure the TV’s are installed safely and securely while making it look GREAT!

Quotes & Estimates

Please email us the following information:

  • Picture of the area you want to install the TV
  • Description of the wall material (drywall, stone, brick, etc…)
  • What will be connected to the TV?
  • Do you want wires concealed in wall?
  • Do you have Cable or Satellite? Where is the connection in relation to where you want the box?
  • Will equipment like cable boxes and Bluray players be hidden?
  • Do you want a universal remote?
  • Do you want a full motion mount?
  • Size of the TV?
  • Any other information like Soundbar, or external speakers?

Please email information to info@high-techliving.com

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