Security systems for your home are a must-have these days. Imagine how secure you’d feel if your home sent you real-time notifications.

The notifications let you know every move that happens inside and around your home. Having a security system is also convenient. Having the convenience of getting alerted if you have someone at the door, or even turning the lights and TVs while you’re away to deter home invasions. Protect what matters to you the most.

NVR / DVR or Network Video Recorder / Digital Video Recorder systems are the most common systems we provide and install.
NVR/DVR systems have multiple cameras connected to a single recording device in your home.

Here are reasons why you should consider an NVR/DVR system:

* View live or recorded video anytime using a smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac.
* Almost an unlimited number of cameras can be configured.
* Records 24/7 or on motion detection or both.
* Options to create a trip wire or intelligent motion detection to be notified when a vehicle or a person crosses a virtual line or enters a defined area.
* Many camera styles, colors, sizes, and qualities.
* Video captured on a local device is stored on-premises and is private.
* Can be connected to a local monitor or TV to view the cameras in 4k quality.
* Cameras can be powered with only one category cable using POE.
* No monthly or annual cost for video storage.

Cloud-based cameras are units that require an internet connection to record to an internet cloud server generally provided by Ring, Nest, or Alarm.com. Here are some notes when considering cloud-based cameras.

* Requires an account setup with the provider of the cameras
* Requires a monthly service package for cloud video storage.
* Generally easier for the end user to operate than an NVR/DVR.
* Limited number of cameras can be set up on the premises.
* Requires power in most cases to install.
* It can be cheaper and simpler to install initially, but you have ongoing monthly costs moving forward.
* Are updated continually and can add new features as they get updated.
* Require a good Wifi connection at its location. Often WiFi needs to be upgraded to reach outdoor locations.

Our Partners

NVR / DVR camera systems. App viewable, control system compatible, medium amount of cameras to choose from. OVRC capable.

Cloud-based camera system. Popular smart doorbell.

Cameras can be connected to the same app as your alarm.com security system. Alarm.com are cloud-based cameras but can also be recorded on a locally based SVR system for 24/7 recording.

ENS offers a wide variety of NVR / DVR-style of cameras

Cloud-based system.

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Did You Know? – Over two million burglaries occur across the United States each year. Additionally, homeowners as a whole lose billions, with an estimated average of $1,700 loss per burglary occurrence.

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