High-Tech Living understands how much you put into your residential or commercial property. When selecting the right products and services for private voice control, smart home control, security systems, and networking, you need a team to do it all. We are here to address your residential and commercial IT needs with low voltage cablings, security integration, audio and video, and everything else to get you the desired solutions.

Smart Home Control

Wouldn’t you love to be able to control multiple facets of your home with voice control or the touch of a button? With our smart home technology and the latest innovations, you can have the connected home of your dreams. Are you interested in whole-home audio? We can go over your options on controls and the top brands. What about security and access? We have you covered there as well!

Motorized Shading

Automated blinds and smart home motorized shades are growing exponentially in popularity for a good reason. This is the ultimate way to bolster aesthetics and functionality for your home, controlling incoming light or adding privacy with the touch of a button. Many homeowners who add in motorized shades also have a notable increase in energy savings.


Voice, data, access control – there are many ways that you can think about handling your networking needs. High-Tech Living has all your networking covered whether you are a homeowner or run a business. We can review your security needs, WiFi installations and troubleshooting, low voltage cabling, and everything else in between.

Outdoor Entertainment

Having a patio, deck, garden, or other features around your exterior never means you have to limit technology. Today’s latest outdoor living innovations help you to tweak your lighting, add excellent audio components, and even have great video wherever you want to spend your time. This is all about creating an extension of your indoor space to maximize the full use of your property. We can help you to pick out all the perfect features.


No business is going to be successful if they are lacking in the networking department. Our low-voltage technicians at High-Tech Living will ensure you have the networking down so you can focus on other areas of your business. Look to us for access control, network security, infrastructure builds, and more.

Regardless of your technology needs, High-Tech Living is the team to call. We are here to provide all the latest products and services to take your home or business to the next level. Call us at (425) 892-3332 for a consultation or further information on our service offerings.

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